Pink Pig 356-On the Road

December 7, 2021
Cameron Luther

This 1965 356SC “Pink Pig” was raced in the 1994 La Carrera PanAmericana by its constructor, Klaus Selbert. I met Klaus and purchased the car from him last winter, and have been working to get it roadworthy since.

Klaus took the car to La Carrera and a few other driving events and since the late 90’s it was stored inside.

I rebuilt the fuel and braking systems, but I was having some issues with the car going lean from 4-6 thousand rpm. Luckily I was able to bring it into my schools open shop and diagnose it with professor Curt Goodwin, and my friend Cole Miller

With the float height readjusted and main jets cleaned we were off to the races, Viva La Carrera! If you have an interesting sports car I would love to know the story about it and purchase it, email me at Video below